“ Discover... How An Overworked, Dyslexic, High School Teacher Went From Zero To $9,765.32 In Just Ten Days… Even Though He Could Barely Write A Post It Note To Himself.”

Don't Rob Yourself... Discover How Easily You Can Easily Write Sales Letters Within Hours... With The Lite Version Of The Gods Of Copy


I understand

You feel that the full Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind Course is not quite right for you at this moment in time – Maybe you just haven’t got the spare cash to shell out at the moment, or just feel that the sheer amount of content may be overwhelming.

Let me ask you a question …

Do you just feel disheartened by seeing other people around you enjoying success selling online and you’re still stuck where you are?

"Do YOU find marketing in emails very daunting.

Maybe you don't have a clue what to market, or are hopeless at writing attractive sales copy / emails?

Are you wondering how you can get yourself out of this pit of frustration and get back on a productive path?

If so, this can be just what you are looking for... Please read on."

According to Research by Yankelvich Research (later quoted by the NY Times), on average People are bombarded with advertising that ranges from 3,000 to 20,000 ads and sales messages every day!

 If you really want to break through this thick fog, and get your product seen…. AND sold, Please read every word on this page carefully.

Making sure your marketing messages do the job they are meant to, and being noticed above the competition, can be a daunting task at the best of times.

If you’re doing any selling online at all, or considering doing any in the future,  and this includes everything from Facebook ads, Tshirts, social media, paid or free opt ins and full blown sales pages, you do really need TOP NOTCH guidance to help you through the jungle of advertising hell.          

To prove this... look at what one prospective customer had to say about a marketer’s sakes page, who thought he could ‘go it alone’.

“Do you want the truth?
….Because from a prospective buyer I was immediately turned off by both the copywriting and the design. What is - Be your own boss and do what ever you want? I am sure if you hired a professional copywriter and sales page designer you would see far better conversions. Why do you think so many people spend on these 2 aspects?

Because they can make or break your conversions.

Design wise all I see is red and black. There are no images. There is nothing to capture me. Go to the WSO section and have a look and you'll see beautiful designs. It just captures the visitors.”

This marketer was convinced he could just ‘throw something up there’ whist he was completely untrained in copywriting and pursuasion methods.

Just look at that response!

More disappointingly for him… The page had not made a single sale.

You've got to agree... Going out there alone is dangerous... Period.

However... it doesn't have to be like that.

The Real Truth Is You Don’t Need A Professional Copywriter Or Sales Page Designer

Think of it this way… If you can afford to shell out the minimum of $2000 it’s going to cost to hire a copywriter and the added costs of a designer, you can afford to invest the price of a pizza in your own skills development to get the same results yourself.

The basic skills you need to write your own copy are much easier than you imagine

And if you’re really not willing to invest this measly amount of money  in something that can make or break your whole business – really you should just keep your day job, forget online marketing and resign yourself to the misery of your day job. As you’re just going to end up like the guy in the example …. With an embarrassing ZERO sales.

Listen… I was working in a School as a teacher (yes even with Dyslexia). It was a special school for kids with disabilities… just like I had. That’s what helped me connect with them so well, and understand them…

I was great at getting results, as I know what they were feeling emotionally. I could relate to their struggles.

However I was working seven days a week, just to pay off my debts and didn’t even see my own family, who were growing up without me around them. A stranger.

I knew I needed to break out and earn my time back and claw back the huge debt I had amounted which was taking all my resources, energy, and hope.

I know there was a better way.... a way which would give me the time and life that I deserved instead of being somebody elses slave.

I went out to learn the ancient art of selling…. However this time it was selling online.

I went from knowing nothing… Zilch… Nada... Zero… squat about writing a sales page, or email, or even a social media post that would compel the reader to take action….

...to writing my own killer sales letter that went on to sell 104 copies of my product on the first day

... and even caught the eye of such greats as Willie Crawford who promoted it for me….  and it converted at 86% for some affiliates (That means for every 100 people who visited the page, 86 of them bought the product ).

jv zoo

Not bad for a raw rookie who only Three months earlier was drowning in debt and poverty, working SEVEN days a week as a special needs teacher…  just to pay the monthly interest charges… before he collapsed in hospital with nervous stress and it all came tumbling down.

To having his own self-made selling white hot killer machine… silently pumping cash in to his bank account whilst he slept.

And the best thing is … the process can repeated any time I want - giving me complete financial independence over my competition andfreedom from the 9 to 5 hell that I was in before.

So if I can do it, why can’t you? 

Yes I also loathed the idea of creating kind of sales messages … let alone write a whole gigantic sales page from scratch…

I understand. what it’s like if you’ve ever tried doing any advertising yourself, and understand the heartache you can feel when you’re stuck in the advertising ‘black hole’ clambering to get out!

I know how horrible it feels being stuck for words … staring in awkward confused blankness at the computer screen wondering what to write for your headline or even knowing what image to choose for your ads… Or the plain blank numbness of not knowing what to do next….

…Followed by the terror that you’re going to fail… yet again.

I mean – if you want to avoid the despair of having your ads, optin pages or sales pages fall flat time and time again, simply because you don’t understand the basics of what makes people take action, or you want to watch in agony as your competitors leave you embarrassingly standing in the dust, because they’ve got this info, and YOU haven’t…

..and you give in to the life of slavery, debt and misery that you’re currently experiencing, with no end in sight..

… then I really can’t urge you enough to set aside the small amount of time that it will take to master the principles of online selling that are being offered to you today.


You may think that you can get away without this information, however you are wrong. By knowing even the basics of what makes people take out their credit cards to buy, or even give you their (real) email in exchange for a free gift, you’ll put yourself ahead of 95% of your competition who don’t know this.

Yes There Are Universal Laws Of Persuasion Marketers Have Tested Through The Ages, And Knowing These Secrets Is Like Having Permission To Write Your Own Cheques.

You have to agree … where you are now sucks. You need to move and you know it deep inside.

And I want to help you get out of that mess to where you want to be – more time, money and freedom to move at your leisure.

When I first started creating products, I too didn’t have a clue to begin. I’ve now had a best-selling product, (and have even written a book on the same subject which was also a best seller)

However I’m now going to offer you something that will still give you a solid grounding in using magic words that sell, and how to use these to write killer sales messages …

Messages that will have you crafting a white hot sales page in day and finally raking in the profits that YOU and your family deserve.

Something that makes the process of writing sales copy so much easier and quicker than you ever thought possible.

Now rather than offer you the whole 8 hours and 36 seconds of the mastermind course, I’m going to present you with a more ‘easy to digest, bite sized portion of information:

The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind lite edition


James Teale, Michael Millman, John Carlton, Colin Theriot, Judy Kettenhofen, Neil Murton, Adil Amarsi

These marketers have sold over $156,000,674.00 with their pursuasive techniques and reveal all their secrets for you so YOU can start earning too.

This awesome product  consists of a consumable 55 minutes and 17 second  audio – packed  with  content rich advice from each of the A class Titans of Copy – which really gives you the advantage over the rest.

Yes you still get the awesome A class copywriters revealing their most closely guarded secrets…. To give you…

The knowledge to produce power packed copy that with be unique and rammed with the confidence to write your own pages virtually overnight.

Not only that – you also get the 12 steps to a Killer sales letter core training by Mark Milburn.

This is a step-by-step process of how to write a white-hot killer converting sales letter from the ground up – with nothing left out.

Here's a Fraction of What You Will Discover In This Mastermind Compliation

  • John Carlton – takes you through the essential process of gaining the readers trust in an increasing jaded audience. (Winning trust is 90% of the secrets to enjoying the profits of successful sales pitch)
  • # The secrets to understanding the fundamental rules of your prospects mind-set using these simple techniques (Know where that needle in that haystack is on every occasion and meet your buyers where they’re at).
  • #How to position yourself as the ‘Home grown expert’ (immediately bond with your prospects with a magnetic force that can put up to 71% on to your sales)
  • # How to structure your page to ensure all the essential selling elements are there to guide people to buy (Have the reassurance they'll make the decision to click the buy button as quick as turning on the TV)
  • # Neil Murton takes you by the hand, through the vital path of using imagery and graphics on your sales letter, along with the essential ingredients that have worked so well for him through the years.
  • # Colin Threiot carefully takes you through the Jungle of the three options available to you when the crucial time comes to write your own ads and how to approach each of these armed with the information to get the results you need. (Arm yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to go into the ‘ring’ fully armed ready to get the results you need).
  • #How to develop an automatic ‘inner gauge’ that will inform you when a copywriter is good enough to make the grade to be hired for the job (Feel safe that you’ll NEVER be ripped off by bad copywriters again when YOU know this powerful,  easy to grasp, information).
  • # Michael Millman reveals the essential secrets you need to take in order to fully develop your own skills in to an A Class copywriter that can put millions of dollars on to a sale. (Snag these essential tools to transform a sales page in to a white hot killer selling machine).
  • One little known sales technique that will double your profits overnight (very simple technique that is used by clever marketers and ignored by 99% of others).
  • # James Teale pulls the curtain back and sheds light for the first time on the white-hot checklist the he personally uses of the techniques proven to persuade (You too can use this to guide you through the thick fog of advertising people are bombarded with daily, grab their attention and keep them engaged right through to the sale)#
  • # How to push those magic hot buttons that really get to the core reason people want the results of the product you’re selling (Know this, and you’re in to the back of their minds and ‘know’ the skills which will FORCE them to the buy button like magic).
  • # The hidden motivators that lie behind buying decisions (Arm yourself with knowledge that has thepower to really get in to the minds of those prospects and FORCE them to crave your product like a crazed junkie).
  • # How to Gracefully Skip by the unwanted words and grasp your visitors intrigue with the power of benefits (tell them what they need to know and nothing else).
  • # How to make your page look and feel realistic to the prospect so he doesn’t just fob you off as another hype-filled marketer to be avoided at all costs (Yes its important you portray yourself properly so you can build trust to make the essential first sale). 
  • # Judy Kettenfoffen explains the imperative opportunities available to you to become an A grade copywriter, to ensure you get maximum results after your hard work and financial investment of creating a product – so that you get maximum leverage from your sales. (The key ingredient to form a consistent bond with your clients and ensure that they have a rock solid relationship with you to profit from for years to come).
  • # The keys to the simplest sales page formula on the planet – used by one of the most successful marketers (after advice from one of the best copwriters on the planet) to create super converting sales pages (Judy uses this to sell her own products successfully and you can too).
  • # How to pre-condition anyone interested in the product you're selling so they're fanatical and ready to buy. (This method has people begging to click your Buy Button before the product has even gone live).
  • # The “lazy man's” trick to success in churning out any Sales copy from the ground up – even if you somehow end up blank, these secrets will end it immediately. (This is the secret to “simplified but guaranteed”  sales copy creation that even one of the most famous Copy Legends has occasionaly turned to).
  • # The secret of keeping people glued to your sales copy without annoying them (schedule your efforts for maximum effect).
  • # The importance of knowing this one secret inside out (get this wrong and your refund rates can bite you where it hurts most).
  • # And a lot more. There are more than two hours of recordings in this special package, stuffed with writing tips, secrets and dirty tricks... (everything you need to transform yourself into a super-confident, super-effective writer almost overnight... regardless of your experience).

You need to be certain you can go out there with confidence ready to take on the world of sales and marketing with ads which will sell

The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind lite version gives you the power to do just that:


The TWELVE step Killer Sales Letter Formula will give you the following benefits. Seriously, how can you possibly go wrong with these ? ?

  • # A thorough grounding in how to write a white hot sizzling sales page from the ground up (Feel safe in the knowledge you can Instantly and effortlessly write your own killer sales copy whenever you choose)
  • If you are a more experienced marketer who would like to gain more insight into how the pros craft their sales pages - (and make up to 300% more profit)
  • #How to completely ‘Quell’ the daunting feeling of where to even begin writing your sales page (This is the first step anyone needs to overcome before they’ve even started and you can do this easily).
  • #How to create the maximum rapport with your reader, really draw them in and ‘magically’ draw them in to trust you so that you can ‘win over their hearts’ and minds enough to do business with them (This really is the KEY to selling large quantities of your product or service).
  • # A step by step audio guide which takes you by the hand and clearly explains every vital ingredient you need to have on your sales page for it to convert like gangbusters (Confidently ‘know’ you have the essentials covered with this powerful – nothing left out - hour long audio training).
  • #The Three most lethal types of Killer headline to jolt  your prospect out of their thought process, grab them by the eyeballs, and pull them  totally immersed, deeply engaged with every word on your page… within seconds (Yes YOU will have the power to have those prospects attention immediately with these three simple techniques).
  • # How to avoid ‘Salesman’s bad breath’ syndrome   and know when to use the right headlines for who you are selling to ( Feel confident certainty that you are speaking the right words to the right people so you don’t repel them away).
  • # How to create the ultimate connection so the customer builds trust with you to make the buying process (Win their loyalty and earn their commitment for life).
  • # How to KNOW instinctively if a copywriter has written a killer sales page… or has fobbed you off as a sucker and simply taken your cash… (Yes never be fooled by bad copy and feel proud that no shifty copywriter is ever going to use you as a doormat again).



Here's what you will get Inside The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind Lite

Don't take my word for it....

Look at the results that these happy customers got in just hours after using the secrets they discovered in the Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind

So what can you do with this life changing information?

  • Put the highly sought after information taught by the experts to develop your own skills (Use these to finally start earning real money online... )
  • Writing high converting copy of your own...churning out killer sales machines whenever you desire (Working away 24/7 for you putting money strait in your Paypal acount)
  • Sleep tight knowing you can be totally self sufficient (without being ripped off for $1,000s by copywriters).
  • Use the secrets you learn to create sales-pages for other people and make literally $1,000s in fees and royalties for as long as you want.
  • (You become the Go To Guy that everyone is talking about and profit from creating Killer Sales Systems that others will pay you handsomely to build for them).
  • Transfer these skills to any niche... so once you have mastered them you can write copy in the dating, personal development, and even dog training niche. (I have a friend who is KILLING it in the Golf niche at the moment).
  • Use your skills to finally end the misery and make a REAL living online that will transform you you a highly sought after resource for the rest of your life. (Never have to rely on others again to depend on for your living!!).
  • This is an invaluable life skill that you can use to earn a REAL living for years to come. (Watch as your income soars above the rest and you gain the power to literally write your own checks).

After all … you don’t want to be going though the time trouble and effort of creating your own product just to have it hinge on a few pages of words that will sell it...

The magic words that sell.

You need to know that those words are the best they can be for the job of selling your product to the world.

... which silently works for you througout the night, carefully communicating with people as you sleep, and working as your cash register … ready for you to empty in the morning.

…. and the best thing about all this.... is that you only have to write one sales page and it can continue to work for you for years to come.

In fact.... Some of John Carlton's most renowned work has been silently working away in the background for over ten years – bringing in $1,000,000's of dollars in revenue for the customer that the letter was written for.

This is YOUR chance to get behind the curtain look on some of the worlds most renowned copywriters dirty little secrets, that have been revealed here for the first time. Giving you the heads up to follow the skills they teach.

Imagine YOU now have the power to earn yourself $1000's of revenue – silently in the night whilst you sleep. Imagine  your Paypal account when you wake up every day?

You can learn the basics of copy so quickly and can  effortlessly put together your own sales page – my first sales page sold hundreds of copies and is still selling to this day! Imagine having Written it once and it making you $1,000's whilst you sleep.

Can you picture whist everyone else is grinding away at the 9 to 5... and you can feel the freshness of the cool tropical breeze caressing your face, hear the sound of the crashing waves …. Taste the fresh tropical nectar… See the beautiful red sun setting over the palm trees....

Imagine people looking at you and wishing that they were in your shoes - Scratching their heads why you are successful whilst they still live the life of slavery.

Imagine the family respecting you as the breadwinner, the life saver, the hero instead of the drudgery that you have become accustomed to.

Look at the results these people have got.

So you may be feeling skeptical that this may not be for you...

  • If you have never written copy, you think its too difficult... the 12 step formula will have you up and running in no time.
  • The truth is you can easily learn these secret skills almost immediately... No matter what level you are at right now (In fact it's even better if you are a beginner marketer as you wont have to unlearn any bad habits you have picked up).
  • It's so incredibly easy... The secrets are simple to grasp... and with my no questions guarantee, you can try the product for a full 30 days and just ask for your money back if you feel it's not for you.
  • These trainings will have you up and running on no time ... even If don't know where to start... This is so super simple my grandmother can now write her own sales page... and she couldn't even switch the computer on TWO months ago.

But WAIT there’s More…

Bonus #1 - $47.00 Value -
The Definitive Headline Swipe File Collection

Bonus images







Owning your very own copy of These Swipe Files will mean that you have a compete reference of proven selling Headlines to turn to for ideas.... To transform your copy in to a persuasion masterpiece without having to leave the comfort of your computer desk.

This is the ultimate companion to the Mastermind sessions and can get you out of a sticky mess whenever you get an onset of the inevitable writers block. (This means you can feel the pleasure of ploughing ahead, unchallenged, whilst your competition stay stuck in the mud - giving you a huge advantage on the road to success).

OK, as I know that it’s not just the words that sell the product, but the placement of the copy on the page and the graphics that go with them…

In order to make things ‘Super quick’ for you, meaning you can have white hot copy.. and an awesome killer looking sales page .. without all the expensive costs of designers… (from £500 to $2000 for starters).

I’m still giving access to the graphic sales page bonus as well as the 6 high converting opt in pages (Tests have shown that copy that is strategically used with graphics and placed carefully on a sales or landing page can increase results by up to 50%) – worth $197.00

Simply copy and paste your killer copy in to the graphical pages and you’re ready to start profiting!!

It’s as easy as that!

Bonus #2 - $97.00 Value -
Niche Minisite Templates

niche template

- Professionally designed Minisite Template by a World Class Designer Nathaniel Dasco complete with editable .psd graphics.

(This super niche site HTML file is ready for you to edit and upload can be edited and configured as you want with ready made .png and .jpg graphics)

All you need to an html editor and a graphcs editing program such as Gimp (which is free) or Photoshop.

“Rest in the clam reassurance that you have your own site ready made to upload and earning you cash as you sleep)”.

This can be alstered as you please so you dont have to go though the misery of forking out on expensive graphic designers or the hell of frustrating hours spent coding your pages from scratch.


This is yours completely free with the Millionaire cCopywriting Mastermind.

Just log in to the bonus page once you have purchased the main product and your mini-site will be waiting for you in the members area.

Bonus #3 - $147.00 Value -
6 Professional High Converting Squeeze Page HTML Templates

niche sites

One Professionally designed Squeeze Page Template by a World Class Designer Max Rylski complete with editable .psd graphics.

5 more "Fill in the blanks" high converting squeeze pages

(These super 5 niche site HTML files are ready for you to edit and upload can be edited and configured as you want with ready made .png and .jpg graphics)

“Rest in the clam reassurance that you have 5 of your own sites ready made to upload.

These squeeze pages have been tested to and proven in a range of differnt niches - each one has shown conversion rates up to 74%

They are fully editable and can ne up and running - earning you powerful optins within mitues so you can market and earn cash to the leads that you get.

Just edit the text using an HTML editor of your choice (You can use a free one such as Komposer) and add your optin form code and you are good to go - ready to start earning.

These are yours to own and keep along with the main mastermind training.

Bonus #4 - $97.00 Value -
Professional High Converting Graphic Sales Page Template

niche sites

One Professionally designed Graphical Sales Page Template by a World Class Designer Lucas Adamski complete with editable .psd graphics.

"Fill in the blanks" high converting sales page saves your hours of agonising design building your own as well as the misery of forking out $1000's paying a professional graphic designer.

(This super full length site is ready for you to edit and upload can be edited and configured as you want with ready made editable graphics)

“Rest in the clam reassurance that you have to do is fill in the copy and own your very own site ready made to upload.

The sales page has been tested to and proven in a range of differnt niches - each one has shown conversion rates up to 87%

This is fully editable and can be up and running - earning you revenue within mintues so you can earn cash almost immediately.

Just edit the text using a graphic editor of your choice (You can use a free one such as Gimp) and add your buy button code and you are good to go - ready to start earning.

# Nice bold headline (Simply edit to add your own attenntion grabbng headline).

# Change the color of any graphic as you please

# Ready made sections to give eye relief and good looks.

# Bullet sections ready for you to fill in the 'benefits'.

# Product section (simply add your own cover).

# Ready made icons (Simply change the text to your own).

# Feature boxes highlight the best features of the product.

# Ready made gurantee box with seal (just add your own text to reassure your customers).

# Reassuring P.S. (Simply edit and replace with your compelling text - and watch the sales flood in).

# Eye catching Sub heading sections (Keep the 'skimmers' attention with these awesome sub-heading sections).

# Just sit back in the warm comfort that all the hard work has been done for you as you save time and hard earned cash that can be spent doing awesome things that you enjoy.

The graphic is fully scalable, can be changed in any way you please and is fuly customisable to the specifications that you wish. You can keep the page exacly how it is and just fill in the text and product details, or you can add or remove any part that you want to.

This will save you hours of work building a sales page from sacratch as well as thousands in fees to get something like this designed for you by a graphic designer.

This is yours to own and keep along with the main mastermind training when you get the Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind.

... and don't think this was easy … These greatly sought after minds are hardly eager to give their time away for nothing and some of them charge up to $2500 for  a single hour of their time.

So look at the value that you are getting when you buy this product.

...so... Considering that Expert Marketer John Carlton charges $2500 for a single hour of consultation, Expert Marketer Adil Amarsi $1,000 an hour and Michael Millman upwards of $7,000 for a 'single pass' page polish...

... and Judy Kettenhoffen charges mid THREE figures an hour... I think that you're going to be surprised at what you are about to pay for Millionaires Copywriting Mastermind.

Neil Murton does not even allow his time to be sold in time blocks shorter than a day and charges up to Mid FIVE figures a day for his make over services...

Colin Theriot does not even do consultations any more...

James Teale only does high end consultations and is so booked up you will have to wait 6 months for look in.

...and charges well in to the mid FIVE figures for a consultation.

That's $100000 's worth of time that You are getting for pennies .. not to mention the $197..00 bonuses.

OK it sound great ... but what's the price?


........................This program is easily worth $197.00


Although it has taken me years to cultivate the relationships on order to bring it to you, I'm confident when you have been though this material and you have seen the way I've laid out this program...

... You will see that it is far more than just an interview recording due to the way that I have structured the questions ... and I'm going to be using this information for an up and coming series...

I'm going to let it go out at 17.00

Never before has this collection of copywriters ever been together in one place to give YOU such a unique opportunity to learn the art of sale-page writing with such ease – at such an affordable price.

And the reason why is is being offered to you at such a discount is that I want you to experience the quality of my products, put them to use, then come back to be happy customers in the future, as well as get massive value out of what I am delivering

And as usual, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you are fully covered by my no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

Yes try this amazing product out for 60 days and if you don’t feel that you’ve gotten at least ten times your investment back in the amazing skills and life changing benefits this product offers then please just hit me up at my support desk for a full refund.

In the unlikely event you are not THRILLED with your purchase after trying it fo6 30 days, I INSIST that you return it for a FULL REFUND and you can still KEEP the Bonuses valued at $197.00


Just because I am friends with the people who worked together on this for you. ..

Just click the buy button below and you will gain instant access to the members area where you can start building your ads and sales pages IMMEDIATELY to maximize your sales  and get the life of freedom you deserve.

Yes Carl, I am readt to get he killer 58 minutes and 26 seconds of powerfull, content laden Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind lite, which contains unique tops from the SEVEN A-class copywriters, which has earned thousands of millions of dollars for them… along with the  12 steps killer copy teleseminar


All you have to do is hit the order button and whatever price point this is at, get it now whilst it is cheap because once the offer ends, I'm literally putting the price up to

$27.00 to every person.

Special Offer - Limited Time!

“Yes Carl I understand that this is a fantastic offer that I will find no where else and I am ready to take the decision to get the 7 amazing mastermind sessions which comprise of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 14 seconds of video The 8 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds of downloadable mp3 files and the 121 pages of valuable transcripts to give me most valuable skill that I can ever have right now.

I also understand that I will recieve $344.00 worth of bonuses that are mine to keep, even if I decide to change my mind about the product.”


Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind lite

But hurry - This discount ends when the timer reaches ZERO and  will go up to $27.00

Finally I would like to put one last thought in your head. Let's suppose that for some reason that I'm wrong and that this does not contain the great actionable and incredible content that will allow you to start to writing better sales copy immediately...

.... and you have to take me up on my iron clad offer of a refund to get your $27.00 back... If that were the case, you would actually be out by the ten minutes that it would take for you to do it.

Your purchase is protected by Paypal even if I was off on vacation or refused to give you the refund.

But, what if I'm right? ... what if what's inside this material really can make a difference in your sales to a couple of percent?

What's it worth if one of the points that John Carlton lays out or concepts that he lays out adds 10% to your bottom line for the rest of your life?

If you understand it and you think about it in these terms, you absolutely cannot afford to take me up on my offer.

I'm gonna make this deal so sweet that nobody who is serious about making money online, or serious about learning the art of copywriting could refuse... and here's the deal.

This product normally sells for $97.00 and I've been told that I should raise the price for it.

This page was specially set up for friends and certain associates of mine. I don't know how you got here, but since you are here now, I am making you this one time offer to give you the course for $27.00.

But that deal wont be here for very long and will be going up as you can see by the timer.

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P.P.S There a ton of copywiting courses out there – expense and time consuming – this gives you the core information you need in less than two hours of listening time, along with expertees that you can find no where else… it is a unique opportunity that you don’t want to let pass you by and regret it later. Last chance - click HERE