“ Revealed... The Insider Secrets Of Arguably SEVEN Of The World's Most Lethal Cash Generating Copywriters Ever Recorded ”


James Teale, Michael Millman, John Carlton, Colin Theriot, Judy Kettenhofen, Neil Murton, Adil Amarsi

(These A-Class copywriters have generated over $235,000,000 in sales between them)


My name'is Carl Picôt and what I've got for you today will knock you off the edge of your seat and freeze you in your tracks faster than a whole in-box full of magic claims to success could do in a lifetime.

…and the reason why is simple...

There is a huge opportunity available to you that many successful online marketers dare not talk about – if fact, a few of them are terrified of the thought of you seeing this message...

...and here's why.

I've Breached The Closed Doors Of The Insider World Of Copywriting And Marketing... And Got Mastermind Interviews With People Who Would Normally Charge $2500.00 An Hour

… and I've a killer line-up of marketing experts who I've grilled about successful ad campaigns and how to solve issues rookies botch... to ensure that you get this right... from a standing start... in no time.

If you apply the techniques revealed in these sessions and you'll soon find yourself having up to 300% better results... without the heartache of relying on others and paying through the nose...

...and once you've perfected these methods, it'll open up doors to gain the success you deserve... time... freedom and licence to write your own cheques.

So why don't these successful marketers want you to see this ?? Well they make their money from pushing false magic button techniques, loopholes, exploiting software or even coaching, promising overnight riches they are not even making themselves.. let alone qualified to train you!

They Need You To Remain Unsuccessful So They Can Continue To Do This

So if you think that your lack of success is your own fault, then you're wrong. How can you possibly succeed if you are being pitched this stuff constantly from every corner of the Internet.

Honestly, if you really want success and be able to fire the boss you need to produce your own product and use the power of the internet to sell it.

However... If You've Already Spent Hours Agonisingly Creating Your Own Product, I Can Bet My Bottom Dollar You're Missing The Next Part Of The Puzzle And Don't Know Where To Turn...

Maybe you're wondering why other people's less superior products are selling like hotcakes and yours are just being ignored... with nothing but a bouncing cheque fee in your bank account.

Well there's a good reason for this and I can explain why.

The simple truth is this, though:

If You Hope To Build A Real Income Online, You Will Have To Learn How To Write Good Sales Copy. It's Unavoidable...

...Unless You Hire Someone Else And Have A Few Thousand Dollars On Hand To Pay What A Good Copywriter Charges.

If you get this wrong, then you may as well go through the raw misery of pouring all your back-breaking work down the Drain...

The agony of that inner feeling of despair, just powerlessly watching as all your long nights of pure labour have resulted in nothing.. as your competitors are killin it right under your nose...

...The disapproving, 'I told you so' looks as the doubters prove right and you resign back to the day job, the bills and the daily, unappreciated grind that you have grown to loath so deeply.

The gut wrenching, frightening, feeling that you're lost, out of your depth and really have reached as far as you can without daring to tread further out of your 'safety zone'... and are ready to give up.

Now... I'm sure that you, like every good marketer, know that you need a good source of traffic, a great product and and killer sales page to create a killer selling system.

...however, you've a lot to lose out there in the cruel world of failed marketing campaigns and screwed-up ads if you don’t get this right from the start...

...and if you're like most rookie marketers, you're failing because you lack the know-how to communicate properly selling products. The 'magic words that sell'... to the people landing on your page...or reading your emails... or blog posts and Social Media posts and Messages ... Words that bring your writing to life, to persuade them how good your product is and why they should buy it.

.... The ability to write persuasive copy.

...the Marketing Graveyard Is Crammed With Superior Products That Died An Untimely Death As Nobody Figured Out How To Sell Them. John Carlton

Sales Copy Is One Of The, If Not THE, Most Important Factors Of Marketing – It Does Not Matter How Good Your Product Is, No One Is Going To See It If They Don’t Buy.

...so you HAVE to have a great sales page. It has to look good graphically and also have strong, STRONG, copy.

Good copy is more than that. It’s not just making the sale. It is also presenting you to the world through your website. When someone comes to your website, they’re getting an impression of you. They are doing that through how it looks and what it says, so the copy is clearly a very big part of that. They want to do business with people they like and it has got to give that impression. Neil Murton

... You're Risking The Whole Future Of The Fate Of Your Online Success By Not Knowing How To Write Copy The Right Way.

Your Landing Page Should Be Your Own Silent Sales Man Who Works Tirelessly In The Background.. Even Whist You Sleep.. And Slogs It Out All Day And All Night Skillfully Selling Your Product Or Service To Every Visitor Who Arrives There.

On most occasions, your Sales Page will be the first introduction the visitor will have to your business and if you do not impress them enough, they will not stick around very long.... and the chances of getting them back are next to nothing.

Now.. When I thought of the idea of these masterminds - I was super intuitive and made sure I got the right set of people and asked the right questions to the most crucial problems marketers writing their own copy face... so...

...even If you're a complete beginner and want to create white hot sizzling sales machines which convert like crazy, this'll take you from a standing start to writing a sales page within a day... Starting with with a solid foundation in the basics.

However, if you already know how to write sales copy, this will give you all the secret insider tips to upgrade your skills to churn out a super sales machine... that'll cleverly push all the hot buttons to draw your visitor down to the buy button and compel them to buy...

...and there are some very clever, time tested, techniques to help you do this... also known as the art of persuasion and influence...

...The same techniques the 'Pro's' use to tap in to the hearts and minds of their visitors to get them to do EXACTLY what they please...

... If you do not acquire these techniques, you'll always be at the mercy of people who know them, and you're looking at a tidy sum of at least mid five figures before anyone will even consider writing a page of copy for you.

Frustratingly, perfecting the essential skills you need to write these 'magic words that sell' can take years to learn and can be very, very expensive. Unless you've got bottomless pockets to be able to afford the giant coaching fees, then you're at a loss... (and that's even if you can find the right 'coach' to begin with - who won't rip you off or take advantage of you with sub-standard advice).

That is until now...

With The Right Information At Your Fingertips You Can Easily Beating The Pro's At Their Own Game And Effortlessly Writing Your Own Killer Sales Messages, In No Time At All

(and raking in the profits to boot)

When I started online, I also bought all the worthless "get rich quick schemes and push button rubbish. I was working as a teacher in a local SEN college by day and a care assistant at night, just to earn extra cash to pay for these ebooks and courses.

You know?... after 6 months I still hadn't seen ONE dime of profit. I was working my ass off, and just getting poorer and poorer.

I really had reached a glass ceiling in my progress... However... I knew what I had to do next … which was to learn the art of selling online … the art of persuasion...

I simply didn't have the money to fork out $5,000 to have sales copy written, and anyway, how would I even know to turn to to write it for me as I couldn't tell a decent sales page from something which had been created on the back of a serial box by a half demented rookie with the skills of an aging wombat ?

I had so much to learn like...

  • # 3 steps to crafting a killer headline which will stop the visitor dead in their tracks (Never feel the disappointment of visitors ignoring you again)
  • # How to hook the visitor in and get them to stay on your page 50% longer (Have the 'warm feeling of security' that people are reading every important part they need to)
  • # Have no doubts knowing the right things to say to them so they're convinced that your product is the best for them (Never feel the uncertainty of having to rely on guesswork ever again)
  • # How to structure your page to ensure all the essential selling elements are there to guide people to buy (Have the reassurance they'll make the decision to click the buy button as quick as turning on the TV)
  • # How to tell, without any doubt, if a sales page has been written well or not... and will do the job it's intended to (live with the comfort of knowing you can never be fooled by a bad copywriter again)
  • # The first place to even begin to look if you need an example of a sales page to model (The deadbeat 'no nonsense way to pick out the very best copy in the business to model your own writing on)
  • # How to tell when it's best to use video instead of written copy and what do you have to change in the video script to make it work? (Live without the fear that you will ever screw up a video sales letter again ! )
  • # Who to you turn to for reassurance that your newly written sales page is good enough to do the job of selling for you (Live in the warm comfort always have professional help at hand to guide you through the fog)

I was overwhelmed, exhausted, demoralised and...

I was just about to throw in the towel... Then things dramatically changed.... Rescue arrived just at the right moment.

So how did this miracle come about?

(a down and dirty confession) ..

So.... I was sitting at a small Seminar waiting for my friends to arrive .... and I glanced over at the silloette sitting on the bench ... just far away enough that I could not make out the features... with the sunlight behind him, it was difficult to make out ...

However, he had a sense of vague familiarity about him.. his posture, his presence ... like I already new him.

I decided not to investigate further... however as I went to walk out, the figure rose and came towards me ....

As soon as his features came in to focus I knew instantly who I was looking at....

Adil? he looked at me ... Adil Armarsi?

"Hi" he said... looking slightly bemused that he had been recognized at a tiny Seminar Room in the middle of rural England...

We got chatting over a coffee ... and happily exchanged stories about our earlier days .. and, of course - writing killer copy!

I told him my predicament and he was more than helpful.... He explained all about Joe Sugarman and the magic that he used to craft copy that would sell thousands of pairs of sunglasses from one single ad .. and that he cleverly adapted the same secrets to sell $64,000 of his fathers business … using his cleverly crafted techniques...
OK ... so I nailed Adil down and we spoke about all the 'down and dirty' secrets that had given him the success he had ...and I recorded the whole thng. What I came away with is just plain awesome.

This is not just one of those name dopping 'no content' interviews.... with idle chit chat that's no use to anyone but the interviewers ego...

I was super targeted in my questions .. I wanted answers to the most darkest secrets the ones that REALY earned the dollars...

..and this is exacltly what I got. In all 7 of the marketers interviews I did.

OK ... so in the past I've bought interview based products from people who are out there doing it ... however, I still came away down and dissapointed there was nothing actionable that would move me forward...

What Makes This Series Of Mastermind Interviews So Different From The Rest Is That I Got REAL ACTIONABLE advice ... That Can Be Put To Use Immediately ...

...and I think I've done a pretty good job of that as you'll soon see...

I did these interviews with YOU in mind ... not what type of dog John Carlton's got, but ... The true Story of HOW he really become the most ripped off copywriter on the net.

...so many marketers had 'Ripped him off' ...and how drastically they messed this up ... so YOU don't have to make the same mistakes, and get it right first time... (Immediatedly putting you confidently leagues ahead of them)

The result was, instead of paying $5.000 for someone else to do it for me, I was able to now write my own killer sales page and knew where to go to for awesome copy to model... So YOU can model the exact same techniques to take action immediately and NEVER feel stuck again.

...and can have the best help in the industry, if get you stuck... for pennies on the dollar.

Imagine being able to model the crazy conversions I got:

Average sales pages convert at 1%. After using the advice in this material mine was converting at 70% - See:


Imagine YOUR page being in the Top Sellers withn a SINGLE DAY of launching

top sellers


jv zoo

If You Want The Answers To How The Real Successful People Do It … Then This Is Exactly What You Need

These masterminds translate advanced marketing principles in to a state rookie marketers, who are just getting in to their own stuff, can understand and use.

This will allow you to understand the basic rules of online persuasion... and build on this to craft first class sales copy whenever you please.

Here's a Fraction of What You Will Discover In These Masterminds

  • One little known sales technique that will double your profits overnight (very simple technique that is used by clever marketers and ignored by 99% of others).
  • How to 'Move Like Lightning' through the process of writing a sales page (from “no clue at all” to “This is easy” in just a few short hours... End the frustration of not knowing where to begin, for ever).
  • The Lazy Marketers SEVEN step short-cut to writing your first World class sales page (How to quickly turn your knowledge in to white-hot sales copy… even if you can barely write a post it note to your self!).
  • How to Draw your visitor in and "Laser focus" them from the distractions of the Internet with an Amazing Killer Headline (Distracting web interruptions will pull them away in seconds without this feature).
  • How to Gracefully Skip by the unwanted words and grasp your visitors intrigue with the power of benefits (tell them what they need to know and nothing else).
  • How to craft enticing fascinations which will build curiosity and desire for what you're selling (even if what you're selling is free. Keep them engaged so that they don't click away before they buy)
  • How to ensure people know exactly the right steps to take with a clear call to action (Making sure they hit that buy button without a second thought).
  • How to prove your expertise and credibility with powerful testimonials (Social proof sells - wait and see the difference).
  • How to quickly arm yourself (permanently) with an “Invisible copywriters hand”- a simple technique so devastating, using nothing but your natural inborn 'untapped' talents,  that it will compose an impossible to ignore 'Greased Slide' in a heartbeat.
  • How to pre-condition anyone interested in the product you're selling so they're fanatical and ready to buy. (This method has people begging to click your Buy Button before the product has even gone live).
  • How to Master The only five real rules of copy you ever need to learn to draft out any killer copy, under any circumstances! (Forget about learning any fancy writing techniques, - in just a couple of minutes, These masters of copy will give YOU the keys to winning every copy job, every  time, No B.S. about it.)
  • The “lazy man's” trick to success in churning out any Sales copy from the ground up – even if you somehow end up blank, these secrets will end it immediately. (This is the secret to “simplified but guaranteed”  sales copy creation that even one of the most famous Copy Legends has occasionaly turned to).
  • Effortlessly Walk though the creation of a $36,000,000 sales page... (The Exact strategies needed to carefully craft one the sales pages that turned a marketer from an unknown faceless entity to a SEVEN figure prestigious online presence... virtually overnight).
  • Master "The 3 simple secrets" – the ONLY secrets you need – of churning out slicker, meaner and more skilled Sales Copy. (Finally, real-world Copywriting reduced to its pure, most simple basic form of effectiveness!)
  • The exact schedule you need to follow when the product goes live to make sure you don't miss a single sale. (This 5 step method never fails to work for me).
  • How to get a ton of people who wouldn't normally buy rabid to jump on that Buy Button and how to sell to them. (Yes, you will have people who wouldn't normally buy begging you to give them your order button).
  • The secret of keeping people glued to your sales copy without annoying them (schedule your efforts for maximum effect).
  • Learn when and when not to use the power of a good story (and use it effectively so it grips your visitors and gets those important sales).
  • How to 'Ethically Ripp' a swipe headline effectively and use it to hook the visitor (So many marketers have gotten this wrong and ended up looking amateurish with ineffective copy).
  • The Fundamental reason that it's IMPERITIVE that you study the basics of copywriting (Even if you NEVER intend to write a single solitary letter yourself).
  • The importance of knowing your product inside out (get this wrong and your refund rates can bite you where it hurts most).
  • Know instictively when it's appropriate to use 'Trashy' headlines for maximum effect (and the dire consequenses of mis using them).
  • Discover the real places that you need to look for effecive copy to model (avoid the 'me too' crowd and go only for the best).
  • Plus, You'll learn something called the “Aggressive Persuasion Techniques” a style of completely dominating your copyrighting (Great skills if you ever need to marked to a tough crowd).
  • And a lot more. There are more than Eight hours of recordings in this special package, stuffed with writing tips, secrets and dirty tricks... (everything you need to transform yourself into a super-confident, super-effective writer almost overnight... regardless of your experience).

These masters are STILL crafting profit pumping sales pages, emails and ads that you can model to earn $100000's and these are the guys that are going to teach you the licence to write your own checks...

Even if you have never written a single word of copy in your life...

...and considering all the immense amount of value and tips that is within this product, it is with extreme amount of pleasure and pride that I present:

Just feast your eyes on this line up....

John Carlton

Expert Copywriter  John Carlton

I don't think that there is anything that I can write about this awesome Giant of the Copywriting world that has not been said Ten times better than me before.

Honoured by such greats as Gary Halbert and Joe Polish, John Carlton's name will stand as the worlds industry standard when it comes to writing the ultimate sales message.

In this Mastermind John reveals:

  • How to create a killer 'Hook' in your headline that's impossible to ignore (Put youserself leages ahead of the competition with this vital insider trick that'll grab your visitors by the eyeballs and suck them in to your page like a giant magnet).
  • The only real skill you will ever need if you want to write sales messages that are guranteed to sell (It's not what you think).
  • The 4 part 'age old' simple formula to make your marketing message in to a killer white hot sales pitch (Happily bring your sales messages to life with this powerful technique and watch your profits grow by 304% overnight).

Colin Theriot

Colin Theriot is one of the finest copywriters in the world. He is the “Go-To” guy for many of the leaders in the industry and is a master of conversions. His study of the language of cults and sales psychology makes him one of the most in-demand copywriters in the world… In this mastermind he shares many of his secrets…

  • The one crucial key element of persuaion which virtually hypnotises people in to a buying frenzy (With this powerful knowledge under your belt you can rest assured that you will never go hungry).
  • How to spot the telltale signs of bad copy so you don't get ripped off (Never feel frightened that you'll be conned by a substandard writer again).
  • Discover the devastaing difference between the fine line of persuasion and manipulation and what this can effect you (Live in the peace that you are marketing and being sold to ethically and lawfully and avoid a scary lawsuit at all costs).

Judy Kettenhofen

Judy is one of the world's leading and sought after wordsmiths who has written countless successful sales letters and marketing messages... which have skyrocketed many marketer's businesses from "struggling to make a sale" to "successful selling machines" almost overnight. Judy has written for many markets, and is best known for her ability to craft megga-fast selling WSO's sales pages, that have earned ther creators small fortunes in record time.

In this mastermind Judy reveals:

  • The crucial headline mistake that 94% of rookie marketers get wrong (Understand this from the beginning and avoid the agony of visitors vacating your sales message before they've read a single word ).
  • The '4 basic elements' sales message formula that has never failed yet (Feel Safe you have a simple system of persuasion that works every time).
  • How to focus in on the prospects that will become life long customers and ignore the tyre kickers (This one killer tactic can increase your back end sales by 1047%).

Michael Millman

Expert Copywriter Michael Millman
known as the Copywriters Copywriter and has used his unique skill-set -a combination of hypnosis and positive language patterns, learned from the Wolds greatest masters - to 'Polish'  best selling Sales Pages so that they make up to $419,063,98 in additional sales for the product sellers.

In this mastermind Michael reveals...

  • Michael's unique 7 step system to sales page mastery (Efforlessly and instantly write a complete killer sales page from start to finish with Michael's time tested system).
  • The only real way to ensure that you make the A+ grade marketing benchmark (Avoid the misery of failure with this simle self test you can try in your own home).
  • The one attribute you already possess which can produce the most lethal sales copy on the planet (tap in to your own amazing unknown powers to unleash the ultimate sales and marketing killing machine within you).

Adil Aramarsi

Expert Copywriter  Adil Armarsi
Adil Amarsi has got to be one of the Worlds most talented young copywriters, who began at the age of 12 and was teaching on the stage by the age of 21.

Adil has penned countless successful sales-pages that have been the backbone of his Father's $500.000 business. Scroll down to the buy button to find out Adils amazing secrets

In this mastermind Adil reveals:

  • The 6 simple proven covert persuasion techniques that have never failed(Master these and have your customers eating out of your hand).
  • The 7 deadly words will alienate your audience and kill your sales (avoid these or pay the painful price).
  • The cross niche mastery that will explode your sales (The vital information borrowed from a Romaian monk that will amaze your audience in to a buying frenzy).

James Teale

Expert Copywriter  James Teal
James is the master-brains behind one of the Internet's original Super Successful marketing companies – 'Get More Momentum', and has been the man that has crafted Sales Letters that have brought the company from a small two man operation, to a full blown online, offline and marketing initiative which has produced $1,000,000 in revenue

In this Mastermind James reveals

  • How to get inside your prospects hearts and minds to discover what they are really feeling. (Push the magic 'connection' buttons that make them click the order button).
  • How to covertly overcome the natural objections your visitor will be thinking(How to really create the 'deep connection dynamics' to gain their trust)
  • How to send your visitors down a greased slide, right from the headline, straight to the buy button. (Happily keep them engaged from the headline to the close).

Neil Murton

Expert Copywriter Neil Murton 
Neil Murton is the genius behind the amazing marketing messages written for the hugely successful digital marketing company, Digi-Results. Neil has penned hundreds of successful letters and has been responsible for bringing in over $166,000,000 worth of sales.

In this Mastermind Neil Reveals:

  • How to instictively know which one of 'The three types of closes' you need to use in any given situation (Avoid the pain of 'Shopping Cart Abandonment' with this simple to learn technique)
  • 5 Simple Pattern Interrupt techniques that will knock your prospect off their chair and draw them in to your sales pitch like a horse to water. (How to combat the killer internet distraction epademic and get your visitor to pay attention).
  • The only time that using a story may hurt your copy (Avoid the heartache of this common ' customer repelling' mistake which almost every marketer has made).

Here's what to expect

The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind is made up of over Eight hours of previously unreleased knowledge which has remained hidden from the public. This info has only revealed to the privileged few that could afford the $2500.00 an hour fees that these world renowned gurus in their fields charge...and YOU get them for a tiny fraction of that price (for a short time).

Getting these recordings is a result of years of relentless relationship building, arm bending, favour doing and networking (as well as a few chance meetings) which made these Masterminds possible... It has taken many people a lifetime to collect this valuable information.

Imagine having the combined genius of all these super brains in one place.

When we did the recordings, I made the markters feel relaxed enough so they would feel comfortable enough we me to realy oen up, however, behind the scenes I secretly had an agenda so that I would skillfully wask the questions in a certain order... so that they would build the blocks of a sales page and take you through a certain process.

... that take you through the process of step by step instructions  to build your online sales message from the ground up. (Then carry you further).... to clever techniques that help you get the message accross to your target audience in the most effective and persuasive way possible.

These Gods of Pursuasion carefully explain the vital ingredients that have shaped their careers, have given them the success that they have achieved in their sales, as well as the vital things to look out for, that could destroy your business overnight. It's super easy use this to model and finally get the success you deserve.

Here's what you will get Inside The Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind

Who is the Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind for?

  • If you are a beginner marketer who wants a simple step-by-step system that guides you through your first sales page to create your online selling system (and cut out the painful learning curve)
  • If you are a more experienced marketer who would like to gain more insight into how the pros craft their sales pages - (and make up to 300% more profit)
  • If you are a more advanced copywriter who wants to learn to 'polish' their copy (so it converts at up to 324% higher)
  • If you are just interested in the timeless principles that make selling online successful (To use to create more time, money and freedom)
  • If you want to master the insider secrets that have been proven to turn the visitors in to buyers through the years of experience (without paying $5,000 for the training)

Don't take my word for it.... Look at the results that these happy customers got in just weeks after listening to the Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind

So what can you do with this life changing information?

  • Put the highly sought after information taught by the experts to develop your own skills (Use these to finally start earning real money online... )
  • Writing high converting copy of your own...churning out killer sales machines whenever you desire (Working away 24/7 for you putting money strait in your Paypal acount)
  • Sleep tight knowing you can be totally self sufficient (without being ripped off for $1,000s by copywriters).
  • Use the secrets you learn to create sales-pages for other people and make literally $1,000s in fees and royalties for as long as you want.
  • (You become the Go To Guy that everyone is talking about and profit from creating Killer Sales Systems that others will pay you handsomely to build for them).
  • Transfer these skills to any niche... so once you have mastered them you can write copy in the dating, personal development, and even dog training niche. (I have a friend who is KILLING it in the Golf niche at the moment).
  • Use your skills to finally end the misery and make a REAL living online that will transform you you a highly sought after resource for the rest of your life. (Never have to rely on others again to depend on for your living!!).
  • This is an invaluable life skill that you can use to earn a REAL living for years to come. (Watch as your income soars above the rest and you gain the power to literally write your own checks).

Can you imagine seeing more results in a week than in a lifetime of buying countless get rich quick products – (even 'problem' raw rookie marketers - who have not been able to write a single line in a lifetime of learning copy can churn out whole pages of amazing type that a professional writer would have killed his own mother to achieve... in a single sitting.)

Can you Imagine being able to create your own virtual salesman, right out of nothing, and have him using the art of persuasion to carefully target the people you want to bring in to your business as valuable customers....

... skillfully use his  carefully chosen power words and phrases … 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year …. like a super power-selling machine... never resting, always working to give you Maximum results in minimum time.

…pages designed to lure people in to a buying frenzy... Hitting those hot buttons.. to FORCE them to your offer, then draw them to the buy button in a hypnotic state …. to pounce on your carefully produced product like a starving lion ready to snap up his carefully hunted kill.

This is equivalent to being able to write out your own cheques … your own ATM …

... which silently works for you througout the night, carefully communicating with people as you sleep, and working as your cash register … ready for you to empty in the morning.

…. and the best thing about all this.... is that you only have to write one sales page and it can continue to work for you for years to come.

In fact.... Some of John Carlton's most renowned work has been silently working away in the background for over ten years – bringing in $1,000,000's of dollars in revenue for the customer that the letter was written for.

This is YOUR chance to get behind the curtain look on some of the worlds most renowned copywriters dirty little secrets, that have been revealed here for the first time. Giving you the heads up to follow the skills they teach.

Imagine YOU now have the power to earn yourself $1000's of revenue – silently in the night whilst you sleep. Imagine  your Paypal account when you wake up every day?

You can learn the basics of copy so quickly and can  effortlessly put together your own sales page – my first sales page sold hundreds of copies and is still selling to this day! Imagine having Written it once and it making you $1,000's whilst you sleep.

Can you picture whist everyone else is grinding away at the 9 to 5... and you can feel the freshness of the cool tropical breeze caressing your face, hear the sound of the crashing waves …. Taste the fresh tropical nectar… See the beautiful red sun setting over the palm trees....

Imagine people looking at you and wishing that they were in your shoes - Scratching their heads why you are successful whilst they still live the life of slavery.

Imagine the family respecting you as the breadwinner, the life saver, the hero instead of the drudgery that you have become accustomed to.

Look at the results these people have got.

So you may be feeling skeptical that this may not be for you...

  • If you have never written copy, you think its too difficult... Don't be intimidated by these Pro Level Marketers trainings....

    The bottom line is that you can easily learn these secret skills almost immediately... No matter what level you are at right now (In fact it's even better if you are a beginner marketer as you wont have to unlearn any bad habits you have picked up).
  • It's so incredibly easy... The secrets are simple to grasp... and with my no questions guarantee, you can try the product for a full 30 days and just ask for your money back if you feel it's not for you.
  • These trainings will have you up and running on no time ... even If don't know where to start... This is so super simple my grandmother can now write her own sales page... and she couldn't even switch the computer on TWO months ago.

But WAIT there’s More…

I have Decided to add these Amazing Fast Action Bonuses

Bonus #1 - $47.00 Value -
The Definitive Headline Swipe File Collection








Owning your very own copy of These Swipe Files will mean that you have a compete reference of proven selling Headlines to turn to for ideas.... To transform your copy in to a persuasion masterpiece without having to leave the comfort of your computer desk.

This is the ultimate companion to the Mastermind sessions and can get you out of a sticky mess whenever you get an onset of the inevitable writers block. (This means you can feel the pleasure of ploughing ahead, unchallenged, whilst your competition stay stuck in the mud - giving you a huge advantage on the road to success).

Bonus #2 - $97.00 Value -
Niche Mini-site Templates

niche template

- Professionally designed Mini-site Template by a World Class Designer Nathaniel Dasco complete with editable .psd graphics.

(This super niche site HTML file is ready for you to edit and upload can be edited and configured as you want with ready made .png and .jpg graphics)

All you need to an HTML editor and a graphics editing program such as Gimp (which is free) or Photoshop.

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This can be altered as you please so you don't have to go though the misery of forking out on expensive graphic designers or the hell of frustrating hours spent coding your pages from scratch.


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6 Professional High Converting Squeeze Page HTML Templates

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One Professionally designed Squeeze Page Template by a World Class Designer Max Rylski complete with editable .psd graphics.

5 more "Fill in the blanks" high converting squeeze pages

(These super 5 niche site HTML files are ready for you to edit and upload can be edited and configured as you want with ready made .png and .jpg graphics)

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Professional High Converting Graphic Sales Page Template

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One Professionally designed Graphical Sales Page Template by a World Class Designer Lucas Adamski complete with editable .psd graphics.

Fact - presenting your copy in a page with good graphics can improve the overall impression the customer gets and incease sales to up to 60% conversions, when used properly.

"Fill in the blanks" high converting sales page

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Features Headline section

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Neils Murton does not even allow his time to be sold in time blocks shorter than a day and charges up to Mid FIVE figures a day for his make over services...

Colin Theriot does not even do consultations any more...

James Teale only does high end consultations and is so booked up you will have to wait 6 months for look in.

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